Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have A Patching Party In Your Child's Classroom

When your child has to wear an eye patch during school hours the best way to do that is to confront it head on. Go into the classroom yourself and talk to the children about why your child is patching. Let them ask you questions about why the patch is needed and how it will help to strengthen your child's eye so that they will understand.

Then when that part is over hand out a plain sticky patch to each child in the classroom and have them decorate it for your child. (Make sure they wash their hands first.) By having each child do this then they will feel like they are part of your child's recovery process. Then bring them home and each day have your child wear a different patch to school that one of the classmates decorated. You can also bring a box of little toys/candy and each day that your child comes in with a patch on let the child who decorated that patch have one from the box. It's a really cute way to get the whole class involved. Then if someday they end up having to wear an eye patch they will already know what to do. I hope this helps.

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