Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Give Up Patching, PLEASE!!!

To all of you parents out there that are dealing with the day to day struggles of patching please don't give up. I know first hand how hard patching is. I've cried many tears when my son would rip of his eye patch and throw it on the ground. But if you give up on patching then your giving up on your child. Sooner or later your child will realize that they are not going to get their way and will hopefully just keep the patch on because they are tired of fighting with you. You have to be stronger than them for their own good. As kids they don't understand why you are making them wear this, but as adults they will love you for it when they know how much you went through to help them. Stay strong.


Anonymous said...

Have you taken your child to an optometrist who is F.C.V.O.D?

Bjort and Company, Inc. said...

This isn't about my son anymore because he patched and is fine now. I posted this for all of the parents who are ready to just give up and stop patching because it's too hard. I just wanted them to know that it will be worth the struggle in the end. Thank you for your comment. :)

Rick & Kate said...

Hello.We are the parents of a 3 year old little girl who was just diagnosed with amblyopia.She was diagnosed with a negative 13.50 in her bad eye and negative 1.25 in her good eye.We took her to a pediatric specialist here in Austin who prescribed glasses and patching 4 hours a day.After viewing many blogs and comments we have not seen a case with this severe of vision loss in the bad eye.Were just hoping to hear back if anyone has had a case this severe and if the patching will help correction or if we should seek alternatives if any.
thank you.Rick & Kate

Bjort and Company, Inc. said...

Hi Rick,

The fact that your daughter is only 3 years old is great because she has lots of time. There are 2 really great groups where you can talk to other parents who are going through this same thing... just go to the parenting forum on there and join. Also also has a great forum with optometrists that have been very helpful to parents on there. I hope this helps. I'm not a dr. that can give medical advice, but only a mom that wants to point parents in the right direction to help their kids. I hope this helps. If you need to contact me personally you can at and I would be glad to try to help you out with anything else. :)

Kelly H.

rick and kate said...

THank-you!! Great advice we will go to those websites you sent to us.