Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our Story Of Amblyopia

I am a mother of a child who has Amblyopia (or commonly referred to as a Lazy Eye). Since he was diagnosed 5 years ago I have found so many useful websites with so much information that I wanted to start my own blog just to help parents when their child is first diagnosed with Amblyopia or any other vision disorder.

You have to find a doctor that you like and feel comfortable with. Preferably a Pediatric Ophthalmologist or Pediatric Optometrist that you feel is going to do everything possible for your child. If you find a doctor that you think doesn't really care...get another one. If the doctor doesn't think he/she can help your child, chances are they won't.

Don't be afraid to get another opinion. Especially if they are suggesting surgery. You want to make sure that everything is being done for your child that needs to be. We went to four different Pediatric Ophthalmologists to find one that we liked the best and that worked well with our son. It makes all the difference in the world! Don't be afraid to ask questions and not be rushed through your appointment. If you feel rushed then that's not a good sign. They should take the time to talk and explain everything to you so that you and your child know what to do to make the recovery successful.

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